Dial Up The Sensual Pleasure in Your Life

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I have come to know that when you are in touch with your femininity you become force of nature. One of the ways for you to connect with your femininity is to dial up the sensual pleasure in your life. Being sensually turned on powerfully aligns you with your desire. And when you are in alignment with your deepest desires, you can create whatever it you're wanting to experience in life.

One of my favorite exercises is the "visiting dignitary" where you to create an environment that is sensually pleasing. Imagine someone famous like @TheRock (yes, please!😉) is coming to visit you. How would you go about creating an environment to entertain him? Can you visualize it? Good! Because instead of him, YOU are the visiting dignitary! While preparing your room or space, think of how you could infuse scents and aromas. Our sense of smell is connected to our emotions. What smells bring you pleasure? Candles, gorgeously fragrant flowers, a sensual perfume or even incense may be used to set the mood.

It's time to add another layer of sensuality to our exercise and it's a good one: Taste. So much pleasure can be derived from our sense of taste. Sweet. Salty. Bitter. Sour. All of which evoke different sensations in us. Perhaps intensely dark chocolate and a few sips of a beautifully full-bodied Shiraz, a gorgeous fruit and cheese plate or even your favorite sparkling water. (I'm a champagne kind of woman. The bubbles simply delight me!) The key here is to thrill and awaken your palate. Now remember, we aren't going for overly full tummies as that would detract from the sensual pleasure and lower our energy.

As you look around your space, what do you see? The sense of sight is so incredibly important. The goal here is to create an environment that allow your eyes to dance so that means no clutter, confusion or chaos. Nix the dirty socks and unmade bed. You want to make sure that the room is sensually inviting as well. Soothing lighting (everyone looks better by the glow of candlelight), the art decorating the walls, a cleared nightstand, a luscious bouquet of flowers.

Nothing can enhance sensuality like sound, specifically music. Your favorite music to be exact. It could be ocean waves, a babbling brook, Prince, 9 Inch Nails or Chris Botti. Choose music that supports the energy and vibe of your space and create a playlist. Depending on the length of your playlist, you can begin to play it as you are setting up your sensual space.

The final tip to infuse more sensuality into your life is through Touch. I used a capital T for effect and respect. Touch is an amazing gateway to communicate with yourself and others. Consider the clothes you are wearing, the furniture in your home, the bed linens you use. These things are in constant communication with you. Begin to incorporate more sensual feeling fabric and materials into your space. Silk. Satin. Lace. Stainless steel. Brushed cottons. Subtle differences in texture will serve to delight you!

Love + Light,


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