5 Reasons Why You Need a Self-Pleasure Practice


Nothing elevates a woman's sensuality like self-pleasure. If you are wondering if a self-pleasure practice is for you, here are 5 reasons why you need to start one asap...like today! 

1. Body Confidence. A sensual self-pleasure practice allows you to become more comfortable with your body. As your confidence grows, you'll be less likely to have any fear around being naked in front of your lover. A confident woman is a sexy woman!

2. Learn what really turns you on. At the heart of self-pleasure is exploration. As you begin to explore your body, you will open up to new ways of experiencing and enjoying sensual touch. You will discover what arouses you and be able to communicate that to your lover.

3. Increase your magnetism. As you get deeper into your pleasure practice, you'll begin to notice your sexual energy and vibration rise. You will learn how to better control your energy and others will be drawn your new frequency. 

4. Make yourself a priority. When you tune into your body in this way, you are making an energetic statement that your pleasure matters. You begin to put yourself first in other ways, not just when it comes to sensual or sexual pleasure. Others will pick up on that and follow suit. And if not, well my love...that's what standards and boundaries are for.

5. PURE ENJOYMENT. Your body is yours to explore, to pleasure and enjoy however you see fit. Revel in your sensuality and get back in touch with yourself.

Taking time to nourish your body in this way is so beneficial. When you have an ongoing pleasure practice, it creates more avenues to receive pleasure in your life. With each touch and caress, you are literally drawing more and more pleasure into your daily experience.

Love + Light,