Are you stuck in a rut or are things feeling a little stale in your life? Do you need to shake things up to gain some traction and forward movement towards your goals? That’s what “The Remix” is all about.

We all know that energy attracts more energy unto itself. The idea is to create a physical activity that is aligned with your objective and will signal to the Universe that you are ready and open to It conspiring on your behalf. The activity you choose doesn’t matter, it’s more about broadcasting the intention that you are ready and receptive.

I did The Remix last year and I noticed a remarkable change in how life began to unfold for me. I did this ritual over the holiday weekend and am aware of the energy gaining momentum in just this short period of time. I wanted to share this with you and hopefully it will make a difference in your life. So, let’s do this!

HOME: Intention - to @@show gratitude and love for your space by maintaining cleanliness and order.@@

Let’s start with your home. Whether you’re interested in upgrading your current living situation or happy where you are, the intention is to show gratitude and love for your space by maintaining a clean and orderly environment. That may look like doing a thorough purge of your closets and donating the those items to a homeless shelter or back-to-work organization in your city. It could mean hanging that new art or painting the guest bath. Whatever you’ve been neglecting in your home, now is the time to take care of it. The key thing to remember is if you haven’t used it within the last year, it no longer serves a purpose in your life. Release it so that you can receive something better and maybe help someone else out at the same time.

LOVE: Intention – to @@make physical room for your lover to show up in your home.@@

If you’re single and want to attract love into your life. Take a look around your bedroom. Is there space for a new love to show up? Consider clearing out a nightstand so they will have a space for their things. Or make room in the closet for their clothes.

If you are already partnered, making room for love could look like turning your bedroom into your personal love den complete with flowers, candles and luxurious bed linens. The idea is to invite love into your space through the senses. Your space should feel, look and sound sensual and inviting. Set the mood. I know you got it in you!

WORK: Intention - @@Actively pursue the work life you crave.@@

Where do you stand in your work life? Are you considering starting a new business or do you have your eyes set on a promotion? If you are craving upward momentum in regards to work, you must actively show up where you are now. That could look like registering for that class or certification you’ve been meaning to start. Actually completing the self-study workshop you invested in. I read once that over 70% of online workshops are never completed. Wasted money is not a good look. The bottom line is, you have to finish what you start. Do the work. Take yourself seriously and put in the extra effort that is required. Ask yourself this question, how would the person who has a profitable business or is in the position you aspire to behave? What are their habits? How do they handle their responsibilities? Figure that out and mimic those behaviors.

SPIRITUAL: Intention – @@Welcome the Divine in your life every day.@@

Create a daily spiritual practice and stick with it. That could mean getting a journal and writing about what you’re grateful for that you already have in your life. Maybe meditation and prayer are more your style. Create a sacred space in your home whether it’s a separate room or a corner in your bedroom. Devote a space to commune with the Divine and embrace the Energy in your life in a meaningful way.

HEALTH/FITNESS: Intention – @@Treat your body with the love and respect she deserves.@@

Come up with 5 different recipes that shake up the palate so you’ll begin to crave good, clean food. Pay attention to your body and your hunger signals. What does hunger actually FEEL like in your body? How do you recognize the sensation?

It’s time to break a sweat, people. Move your body. Do something every day where you sweat and have fun. If you are exercising sporadically, get better at being consistent so you will experience consistent results. Exercise, whether it’s salsa class or lifting weights, alters your mood and that spills over into the rest of the day. Bottom line: move your body!

 MONEY: Intention – @@Create a thoughtful relationship with your resources. Show them respect by not being frivolous.@@

Let’s talk money. If you are wanting to level up with regards to your finances here’s something to consider: reassess and evaluate your current relationship to money.

Create a thoughtful relationship with your resources. Allow me to let you in on a little secret: God is will not manifest a million dollars into chaos. It’s just not going to happen. If you want to make more money, start by taking better care of the money you already have. Create a budget and track your spending. Open a separate savings account and set up automatic deductions to fund it. If you have investments, review where your money is going and make any changes you deem necessary. Pay attention to your money, how you spend it and how it works for you. Remember money is simply a tool for your growth and expansion. 

Were these tips helpful? Leave a comment below and let me know which ideas you'll use to remix your life. I can't wait to hear from  you!

Love + Light,


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@@Show gratitude and love for your space by maintaining cleanliness and order.@@

@@Make physical room for your lover to show up in your home.@@

@@Actively pursue the work life you crave.@@

@@Welcome the Divine in your life every day.@@

@@Treat your body with the love and respect she deserves.@@

@@Create a thoughtful relationship with your resources. Show them respect by not being frivolous.@@

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