I believe in dreaming big. Crafting lofty goals. Goals so big they’re almost overwhelming. Imagining a new way of being. Doing so allows me to go deep and really see what I’m wanting. I think stretching ourselves in this way is essential especially when we want to create a shift in our lives. 

What would my life be like if I moved out of the city and lived near the ocean? 

What if I created a lifestyle that allowed me to spend 3 months of the year living and working in Rome? 

@@What if I said no to things I didn’t want to do instead of saying yes?@@ And not give a shit how someone else was going to feel about it.

@@These dreams call us to evolve into a different version of ourselves.@@

And that, my friends, can be super scary. Willingly letting go of what is comfortable (it’s really not but we think it is) and venturing into the land of the unknown. 

And so we stop right there in the dreaming phase. 

Right on cue, our inner critic starts yammering in our ears with the negative self-talk. 

What if this doesn’t work?

What if I don’t make enough money to live abroad?

What if so-and-so stops speaking to me?

We talk ourselves right out of taking any action. I know. I’ve been there. Crafting visions of what I want my life to be. Achieving ease and freedom. Then I would get stuck when I looked around and noticed what was happening in my current reality. Going to a job that was less than a perfect fit. The relationship that wasn’t working out as I’d hoped. That noticing prevented me from taking any action because it felt painful. And I wanted to feel good. So, I would put my dream on the shelf to collect dust.

I was listening to a podcast by one of my teachers, Brooke Castillo, where she talks about goal setting and doing a thought download. A thought download is an exercise where you write down all of your negative thoughts surrounding a goal. This exercise is pure magic and I am going to walk you through the steps. 

  1. Grab a pen and go to a fresh page in your journal or notebook. I want you to write down this exercise because magic happens when pen meets paper. Your mind opens up in a way that just doesn’t happen with a computer.
  2. Write down your goal. For example: I want to relocate so I can live near the ocean.
  3. Now, give yourself 5-10 minutes and write down every single negative thought that comes up around this goal. Don’t censor yourself in any way, just let your mind flow. A lot may come up for you and that’s perfectly okay.
  4. Next, you’re going to center yourself and visualize being in the space of the future you that has accomplished your goal. Get into the mind of the you that is living near the ocean. Take a moment and really feel into what that’s like.
  5. Here’s where the magic happens. You’re going to go back to your list of negative thoughts and address each of them as the you that has already accomplished your goal. Think about this unfolding as if these two versions of you are having a pow wow.

Current You: “My company doesn’t have an office in that area. What am I going to do about my job?”

Future You: “Because you didn’t have to be onsite, you were able to set up a telecommuting arrangement with your manager and work from home. That home just happened to be near the ocean.”

Current You: “I own a house that I love and don’t want to sell it.”

Future You: “You rented your house and had a realtor manage the day-to-day responsibilities.” 

Current You: “I don’t know anyone in that city.”

Future You: “You made friends by joining different meet-up groups in the area.”

As you go through and answer each objection to your goal, it allows you to see past the grandness of it. Bit by bit, the scariness starts to dissipate. You will begin to notice a plan of action start to emerge. And we love action!

Was this exercise helpful to you in seeing your goals from a different perspective? Leave a comment below and tell me how this exercise is working for you. I am happy to answer any of your questions.

Love + Light,


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@@What if I said no to things I didn’t want to do instead of saying yes?@@

@@These dreams call us to evolve into a different version of ourselves.@@

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