Treating Yourself Like Royalty: 10 Tips for Self Care

I am a big believer in self-care. @@Taking the time to nourish ourselves allows us to recharge, refocus and recommit to living the biggest life possible.@@ Here are my 10 tips to reconnect with yourself.

  1. Take a bubble bath by candlelight. Bonus points if you enhance the experience by creating a relaxing playlist.
  2. Hire a cleaning service. Just this once allow someone else to attend to your dining room’s baseboards.
  3. Drink hot lemon water made with organic lemons and ginger. Not only are you doing something wonderful for your body but the act of easing into your day is just as beneficial.
  4. Create a meditation space in your home. Whether an entire room or a little nook tucked away in the back of your walk-in closet, dedicate a space for reconnecting and centering yourself every day.
  5. Have your florist send your favorite flowers but tell them to surprise you on the delivery date.
  6. Devote an entire afternoon to indulging in your guilty pleasure. Bonus points if you ditch the guilt and revel in the pleasure.
  7. Take yourself on a date. That dress you’ve been waiting for the perfect occasion to wear? I think you just found one.
  8. Buy a new journal and a fancy ink pen and commit to writing in it daily.
  9. @@Volunteer. It doesn’t matter if it’s an animal shelter, a nursing home or a local food bank. Give of yourself.@@
  10. @@Move your body. Salsa, roller skating, sex, running…it all counts.@@

Light + Love,


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