I remember standing on the balcony of my vacation apartment in Rome, overlooking the historic city’s center, and saying to myself, ”there has to be more to life than the way I’m living it.” It wasn’t the first time I’d said those words but it was the first time I’d felt them. Resonating in my heart and soul. A shift had occurred. I vowed to never forget that feeling or how it gnawed at me. My intention, from that moment on, was to stop giving away my power. I was done waiting for someone or something to come along and save me. It was time to save myself. This was my life and I was ready to start living it… on my terms.

One thing I knew for sure, the Universe responded to intention. My intention? To embrace who I truly was and what I wanted. To experience true freedom. I didn’t know what life held in store but I knew I was willing to find out. It was scary. It was exhilarating. I had decided to go all in. And life? Well, it rose up to meet me. And I’ve never looked back. 

I began to dig deep. I studied every book I could get my hands on. Spirituality. Human nature. Relationships. The Divine Feminine. Personal development. Women’s sexuality. Rumi poetry and the longings of Anais Nin. I took part in workshop intensives focusing on sacred sexuality, managing your emotions and how to consciously get your work out into the world while owning your sensuality at the same time. (Head’s up, ladies: you CAN be both a powerhouse and a feminine, sensual woman!) I got a coach (actually, I got 3) to go along with my therapist. I learned how to coach myself. I learned how to coach others. Ultimately, I peeled back the layers and discovered my gift was to help open women up and see the best in themselves.

My mission is to help women empower themselves by tapping into their innate sensuality so they can reconnect with their bodies, amplify their pleasure and have beautiful, fulfilling relationships. It’s equal parts spiritual and physical, an alchemical transformation that uplevels their entire lives. It’s learning to move with a sense of flow, experiencing more happiness and incredible sex. Relationships that are more joyful, more passionate and more deeply connected.

What I know for sure is that you are a powerful creator. Once you learn to tap into your sensual energy, it is a life changing experience that has a ripple effect on your entire world. Everything will shift into alignment and come into focus all because you decided to take a stand for the woman you’ve always known deep down you could be.

My intention is to serve as your guide along this journey as you shift from your current reality to your ideal life. Standing in the sun. Supported. Accountable. Ever-evolving. Celebrated. Send me a note whenever you’re ready to begin. In the meantime, I’d love for you to read my musings on life, love and sensuality.

Before you go, promise me something...

Do one thing today, no matter how small, that makes you come alive. That stretches you. Shakes things up even the tiniest little bit. I want you to leave a bit brighter than you were before we met.

That's my intention for you.